Edge Attributes (Deprecated 1.0 API)

  • src: string or number
  • dst: string or number
  • edgeTitle: html string
  • edgeLabel: html string
  • edgeWeight: float

Node Attributes (Deprecated 1.0 API)

  • node: string or number
  • pointTitle: html
  • pointLabel: html
  • pointSize: float
  • pointColor: int

Extended Color Palettes List

REST JSON API (Deprecated 1.0 API)

Send a POST request to https://hub.graphistry.com/etl?key=.... with your graph in our JSON format. Graphs provide unique names which you can then pass to the HTML viewer's URL.

Curl example (Deprecated 1.0 API)

Command: curl -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST -d @samplegraph.json https://hub.graphistry.com/etl?key=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE

Response: {"success":true,"dataset":"myUniqueGraphName"}

View: https://hub.graphistry.com/graph/graph.html?datasetname=myUniqueGraphName

Contact info@graphistry.com for current versions of the below.

NodeJS (Deprecated 1.0 API)

var request = require('request');

//jsonGraph * (err? -> ())? -> ()
function upload (data, cb) {
    cb = cb || function (err, data) {
        if (err) {
            return console.error('exn', err);
        } else {
            return console.log('url: https://hub.graphistry.com/graph/graph.html?dataset=' + data.dataset);

    var options = {
        uri: 'https://hub.graphistry.com/etl?key=' + YOUR_API_KEY_HERE,
        method: 'POST',
        json: data

        function (err, resp, body) {
            return cb(err, body);


Health Checks

Use these in addition to local calls to `sudo docker-compose ps`, `sudo docker stats`, and `sudo docker ps`. Additional services may be checked by non-public routes generally at `:8080/health'.
Route Service Example Description
healthz caddy, nginx curl http://localhost/healthz Reverse proxy and static content
ht/ caddy, nginx curl http://localhost/ht/
streamgl/health curl http://localhost/streamgl/health Visualization service
streamgl/check-workers streamgl-gpu curl http://localhost/streamgl/check-workers Visualization service (deeper)
pivot/health pivot curl http://localhost/pivot/health Investigation automation service